Peppermint Bio-White Tooth Powder - Glass Jar 35g

Peppermint Bio-White Tooth Powder - Glass Jar 35g

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Bio-White Calcium Tooth Powder is a natural fluoride-free whitening tooth powder.

Calcium carbonate, salt and xylitol provide gentle cleaning, re-mineralisation and whitening. This formula provides minerals and trace elements. The addition of thyme, sage, chamomile, rosemary and peppermint provide anti-microbial effects and aid gum healing.

Bio-White Calcium Tooth Powder Peppermint is recommended for people with sensitive teeth and gum problems.

Bio-White does not foam. Simply dab a damp toothbrush into the powder and brush as usual. There is no soap or detergent in the formula.

Bio-White cleans the teeth and enhances the natural power of our saliva. The minerals contained in Bio-White are bio-available.

Bio-White Calcium Tooth Powder comes in a glass container. Free from SLS, fluoride and glycerine.