Asenbee Local Honey 227g

Asenbee Local Honey 227g

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Local small batch North Yorkshire honey made at Asenby, Thirsk.

A bit about us

Beekeeping is our passion.  We set out intending to pursue beekeeping as a hobby, but soon our hobby became an obsession, ask any beekeeper! Our small hobby of a couple of beehives quickly grew and we gradually acquired more bees, some intentionally and some that just found us!

All our hives are local to where we live and we think our bees have some of the finest surroundings to forage in, we consider ourselves privileged to call North Yorkshire our home and we are pretty sure our bees love it here too. We are thrilled that we are able to support this fantastic ecosystem whilst producing a sustainable, natural product.

We know that honeybees are vital pollinators and being able to do something we love whilst supporting the honeybees is fantastic! By choosing our honey you are helping to support them and our planet too, isn't that great!