Harry Helsing Manifestation Wand

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Master Manifestor Wand


The natural citrine crystal at the end of this

wand infuses the intentions of the user with

the energy of "worth". If you are looking for

abundance, flourishing relationships or to

simply to enjoy life passionately then this

wand will gladly be your companion.

The story of this wand is one of rebirth and

its energy reflects that. It was gifted to me

after having lost its original crystal so I have

given it new life with this beautiful piece of

cirtine. If you are looking for a deep change

and new life then this wand can show you

the way.

This wand works best with the energies of

the sun, fire, precious metals, or anything

that brings a feeling of luxury. Breathe deeply

as you use it and let energy flow from your

solar plexus or sacral. The golden energy that

will pour through this wand will enrich anything

that you allow its energy to flow into.