Gemstone Pendulum

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Pendulums are a simple but effective tool for divination.  They enable the user to get simple yes/no answers using their intuition and deep insight which may guide them on their path.  The pendulum will rock back and forth, side to side or in a circle motion to answer your questions.

They can also be used for dowsing which is traditionally the act of looking for hidden water or minerals underground.

A dowsing pendulum is typically a rock or crystal that hangs on the end of a string or chain. The pendulum is used as a way of gaining spiritual and material insight.

  1. a weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing freely, especially a rod with a weight at the end that regulates the mechanism of a clock.

These pendulums have a gemstone weighted point making them an extra bit special.

There are a variety of gemstone pendulums so please make your choice from the drop down menu.