Ecozone Eco Ball Kit

Ecozone Eco Ball Kit

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New & improved design and formula! Ecoballs are a scientific breakthrough in environmentally friendly cleaning.

They are a fresh, natural alternative to standard laundry detergents. New scientifically tested formula proven to deliver a clean fresh alternative to conventional detergents Eliminate the need for fabric softener Re-useable for up to 1000 washes, averaging 3p per wash More info They cost 3p per wash! So they're kind to the planet, kind to your pocket, and because they're unfragranced, your skin will also love them.

Have you got hard water? Don't worry, because Ecoballs soften clothes even in hard water and their scientifically formulated ingredients work hard to wash dirt away. Fear not, they're super gentle too, which means they won't fade colours or damage fabrics.

If you need any more convincing, Ecoballs have been performance and user trial tested by the World's leading laboratory Intertek. Hypo-allergenic and anti bacterial ideal for sensitive skins New design easy to use and refill 1 ball delivery system for maximum performance