Asenbee Honey Beeswax Candle And Wax Melt Buttons Set

Asenbee Honey Beeswax Candle And Wax Melt Buttons Set

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A lovely gift box containing a gorgeous 100% Yorkshire beeswax candle ball of wool shape with a bag of Rose & Lavender scented beeswax buttons. All nestled in wood wool or crinkled paper in a Kraft box
We are small batch honey producers with several out apiaries and hives. Our bees are what some might call 'pampered' but that suits us. Our wax is mainly from our own hives but occasionally we have another beekeeper who supplies us. The wax which is 100% Yorkshire beeswax is carefully rendered to produce a wonderful softly scented wax perfect for our lovely candles.

Our candles, like our honey, are produced in small batches, I make these by hand & you cannot rush a beeswax candle. The benefits of burning beeswax candles are well documented. But in case you don't know, they are clean burning & when paired with a natural cotton wick produce no toxins when burning. In fact they are said to have negative ions which actually help to clean the air so are the perfect choice for people with allergies. The light emitted by a beeswax candle is very natural, on the same scale as natural sunlight. Beeswax is antimicrobial, non toxic & is edible!

Beeswax varies in smell from hive to hive depending on what the bees have been foraging on. I regularly burn test the candles, as this can also affect the burn rates. Beeswax has a high melting point & produces light on the same spectrum as sunlight.

Beeswax candles occasionally develop a 'bloom' over the wax.  The bloom is a natural occurring process and indicative of the wax being pure, it starts off as a slightly white film which develops over time. It will not affect the use of the candle, but if you prefer yours without this bloom, simply warm the candle in your hands and rub over the candle with a lint free cloth.

Beeswax candles can involve a little more attention than other candles but they are well worth the few seconds spent. I believe once you have tried a beeswax candle you will not want any other!