About Us

Earth Enchanted is a small family run business in the heart of North Yorkshire.  In fact it is solely ran by myself (Charlotte).

Situated in the quiet market town of Bedale, North Yorkshire.

Earth Enchanted combines 2 of my passions, Eco friendly living and all things alternative and can be described as an extension of my personality. 

I have always been passionate about abolishing animal cruelty, being a life long (since age 14) vegetarian, and now vegan.  I wanted to create a safe place to shop where all products were cruelty free.

I am also passionate about saving the environment which has become a lot more mainstream in recent times thanks to some wonderful documentaries and news articles bringing the plight to the publics eyes.

I have always been a bit different and I like what I like which bring me to the other half of Earth Enchanted.  

As a teenager I was all about tarot cards, crystals, incense and aromatherapy but for some reason I drifted away from it all.  Fast forward to 3 years ago and some major life changing events that led me back down the spiritual path.

Another life long passion of mine are products that are natural and have natural health benefits which lead me down another life path and saw me gaining a certificate in nutritional health a few years ago (don't quote me on it though as I have forgotten more than I learnt)

As I first said I run Earth Enchanted on my own but apart from running the shop I have a large family, 6 children in total, although a couple are now adults. Some of said children can sometimes be found in the shop, not so much helping me out but more making a noise and talking to customers.  I also have an array of pets, a Staffordshire bull terrier called Titch, 3 rabbits and a small aquarium of Cichlids. 

I think I have covered everything but I will probably add stuff as it comes to me.

Thanks For reading and I hope you love my shop as much as I do :)